Caroline Church

Caroline Church is a 42 year old mother of three robust boys and lives in a picturesque Surrey village with her husband, children and a dog called Maggie. During her late teens she worked as an auxiliary nurse, sometimes in a nursing home environment, but also in hospitals where she specialised in palliative care. Later in early twenties she travelled extensively throughout Spain and eventually settled in the Canary Islands.

Despite the opulent lifestyle, Caroline struggled with depressive episodes all of her life and received various diagnoses including Bipolar and sometimes even Schizophrenia. Once her children were born this escalated and she returned to England as a single parent and a worsening condition and began to research her symptoms with startling results.

Today Caroline is a panel member of Action on Menstrual Psychosis and is helping with vital research into the causes of this type of depression. She has also written a book on the subject which has been designed to raise awareness and help others with this often misunderstood and crippling condition.